Training in Accessibility

Project management, design, development…

Our trainers raise awareness and skills of project teams on digital accessibility: decision-makers, project managers, product owners, UX and UI designers, front-end developers, mobile developers, editors and contributors, community managers, etc.

Turnkey Training Programmes

Ideance offers turnkey digital accessibility training programmes.

  • Discovering digital accessibility

    ½ day

    • Understand the challenges of digital accessibility
    • Understand the uses and needs of people with disabilities
    • Identify the key elements for the proper implementation of digital accessibility and WCAG
  • Managing the implementation of accessibility

    ½ day

    • Learn how to manage the implementation of accessibility and WCAG in a project
    • Have cost / complexity indicators and orders of magnitude
    • Identify the challenges and key elements for successfully implementing digital accessibility
  • Designing accessible interfaces

    1 day

    • Learn how to implement accessibility and comply with WCAG in the functional and graphic design of web and mobile sites and applications
    • Learn the rules and best practices of accessibility affecting UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface)
  • Writing and publishing accessible content

    1 day

    • Learn how to implement accessibility and comply with the WCAG in the writing and publication of content (web and social media)
    • Learn the rules of digital accessibility for web content (texts, links, images, videos, etc.)
  • Developing accessible websites and web applications

    3 days

    • Learn how to implement accessibility and comply with the WCAG during the technical development of a web project
    • Learn the rules of web accessibility (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
    • Learn how to evaluate the accessibility of your web developments
  • Developing accessible mobile applications

    2 days

    • Learn how to implement accessibility when developing mobile applications
    • Learn the rules of mobile accessibility (iOS and Android)
    • Learn how to evaluate the accessibility of your mobile applications

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Customised Training

Ideance is specialised in providing customised training for your teams. Our trainers listen to your needs and prepare accessibility trainings that take your environments into consideration:

  • Awareness and training level of the teams
  • Practice cases based on the projects to be conducted
  • Technologies and frameworks used
  • Content Management System (CMS) deployed

Ideance assists the French Defender of Rights with digital accessibility issues, including the tools and applications used by the agents.

We designed and conducted a customised accessibility training for the implementation of accessibility standards in the referral management and processing application.

Beforehand, we conducted an accessibility audit to illustrate the training with specific cases, and to discuss the corrective recommendations with the teams.

Our 2022 Trainings in Figures

  • 117 people trained in digital accessibility
  • 16 conferences held
  • 420 hours of training delivered
  • 877 "Sorry, I hadn't turned on the microphone"