Consulting & Expertise  Web, Mobile & Software accessibility

Our teams provide advice and support for your web, mobile and software projects, to ensure optimal implementation of digital accessibility:

  • Establishment of a digital accessibility policy
  • Development of a multi-year plan and action plans for digital accessibility
  • Awareness and training in accessibility
  • Support in writing Terms of Reference, functional and technical specifications, user stories
  • Framing and technical recommendations
  • Project monitoring and support
  • Accessibility acceptance tests (on design elements or developments)
  • Accessibility user testing
  • Digital accessibility statement and VPAT

Project Support

Every year, Ideance assists several project teams to ensure optimal implementation of digital accessibility.

Ideance helps different entities of the SNCF group implementing the RGAA (French accessibility standard based on WCAG) on websites and mobile applications:

  • Guidance and support for UX and development teams in implementing digital accessibility on websites and mobile applications (iOS and Android).
  • Compliance audits and acceptance tests on several websites and mobile applications (,,, in-train Wi-Fi portals, etc.).

User Tests

User of a Braille display.
User of a Braille display. © Photo by Michel Arriens.

Ideance organises and runs user testing sessions, to ensure digital services and tools effectively address the needs of people with disabilities.

In addition to compliance with accessibility rules, Ideance helps you consider the needs of your users with disabilities. We organise and run test sessions to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a website or application.

Our aim is to help you create accessible digital services, which effectively meet the needs of your users with disabilities.