Accessibility Audits  WCAG, RGAA, RAWeb…

Our accessibility experts conduct audits to ensure compliance with the WCAG or the RGAA (French and Luxembourgish accessibility standards), then draw up an accessibility statement. Subsequently, we support the teams, by training them and making the audited websites compliant with accessibility standards.

Audits suited to your goals

  • Exploratory Audit

    1 site or 1 application

    • To provide an overview of the general level of accessibility and the difficulties encountered by service users with disabilities
    • To raise awareness of the challenges of digital accessibility among teams
    • To provide guidelines and initial corrective suggestions (graphic, technical and editorial)
  • Compliance Audit
    (WCAG, RGAA or RAWeb)

    1 site or 1 application

    • To specify the level of accessibility in accordance with the current regulations and standards (compliance rate)
    • To detail very precisely all the corrections to apply to ensure compliance
    • To monitor and support the implementation of accessibility and compliance
  • State of play

    Stock of sites and applications

    • To provide an overview of the level of accessibility of the information system
    • To raise awareness of digital accessibility challenges
    • To provide methodological guidelines for a better implementation of digital accessibility within the company
    • To support pilot projects (websites, mobile applications or software)

Do you have an accessibility audit to conduct? !

Audits & Accessibility Statements

Ideance conducts compliance audits of websites, intranets and extranets, with accessibility standards and requirements. Our consultants then assist the teams in implementing the corrections until an accessibility statement is published.

Ideance supports the ISD of the French Pension Insurance scheme in their efforts to implement digital accessibility and France’s RGAA (General Accessibility Improvement Procedure):

  • RGAA 4 audits of the information and service portal
  • RGAA 4 audits of online procedures of the Pension Insurance scheme
  • Team accessibility training (project managers, UX designers, developers, testers, etc.)
  • Guidance and support for project teams

Audits of Mobile Applications

User of a Braille display and a smartphone. © Photo by Michel Arriens.

Ideance is regularly involved in auditing or assisting in the implementation of accessibility on mobile applications.

Except for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which are developed using web technologies based on HTML/CSS and JavaScript, mobile applications cannot be audited exclusively from the current accessibility guidelines (WCAG or RGAA).

Ideance has designed a specific approach for auditing and implementing accessibility in mobile applications. We rely notably on:

Every year, Ideance is involved in many mobile application projects using various technologies: Flutter, Swift, ReactNative, etc.